The door has been shut like a window,
The regent has closed now the way,
The sign reads: "Descend thee not into
This forlorn abyss of the gray --
Your journeys from here are not over,
But closed is this part of your tale;
The Hopeless forever forgotten,
Hidden by the veil.

"Hopelessness has its own season,
Despair its own realm and domain,
But here in the kingdom of reason,
We all are free of their chain.
Take what you will from this story;
Be free from the curse of this place.
Destruction shall ever breed glory;
Return now to grace.
"With lessons you've learned from a wise man
And lessons from those who are not,
Wander on now to the next land,
Show them the wonders you've wrought.
Whether evil or good shall hold power,
Whether open or hidden in name,
If you should care, help it flower,
And I'll do the same."